Top Bars in New Orleans


From the official drink Sazerac to modern spins on a range of cocktails and drinks, New Orleans is home to a rich tradition of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Taking a stroll around the city will take you to some amazing bars in the New Orleans Bayou, both upscale and quaint. We have compiled some of our favorites below.

Jewel of the South

Jewel of the South is the brainchild of famous bartender Chris Hannah. Chris was formerly working with another top bar of New Orleans, the French 75 Bar. It gets its name from a restaurant run by Joseph Santini, the famed inventor of ‘Brandy Crusta’. Brandy Crusta remains the most iconic drink served in Jewel of the South. Chris Hannah has successfully revived this lost glory of Louisiana. Brandy Crusta is a cocktail that uses fresh citrus, and it was the first drink to do so. When visiting Jewel of the South, do not forget to try the Brandy Crusta, along with other signature drinks that the expert bartenders mix up. You can find the bar at 1026 Saint Louis St, New Orleans.

Carousel Bar

Literary geniuses like Ernest Hemingway and Tennesse Williams used to frequent this bar, and it sure has something to offer to you. Launched in 1949, the Carousel Bar is still successfully running. The striking feature of this bar is that the room rotates every 15 minutes. Every fifteen minutes, the view changes for you. The Carousel Bar is located inside the Hotel Monteleone, at 214 Royal Street, New Orleans. With its amazing drink and food menu, this place is a favorite with locals and visitors alike.

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The Avenue Pub

If you are a beer lover, the Avenue Pub is the place to go. They take pride in their nationally recognized Craft beer & Whiskey bar and have good reasons to do so. The bar comes with an innovative kitchen where chefs roll out delicious food to go with your drinks. You will find some of the best local and high-end American craft beer and bourbons here. They also have many European drinks. It has been running successfully since 1989. Over the years, the bar has been awarded various accolades. Visit the Avenue Pub at 1732 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans.

Davenport Lounge

The Davenport Lounge, located in the French Quarter, is the best place to sip drinks while grooving to Jazz music in New Orleans. They are known for their craft cocktails, live music, and piano bars. It is a part of the famous Ritz-Carlton chain of hotels. It is one of the chicest and most refined places in New Orleans to enjoy a good drink with great music. Lavender Fizz and Triple Crown Sazerac are some of the favorites with customers. They have an amazing menu of food and drinks, and it will surely wow you.

Napoleon House

The Napoleon House takes you back in time to the 1700s, when the building was constructed. Its architecture is a treat to the eyes, with strong French and Continental influence. It is at the heart of the French Quarter, and the entire place has an old-world charm to it. It has a long history involving the former mayor Nicholas Girod, who hatched a plan to give refuge to Napoleon Bonaparte in the building. Though the plan ended up a failure, the Napoleon House got its name and history. The Pimm’s Cup is their signature drink and must not be missed.

Hot Tin

You can find the Hot Tin bar at Pontchartrain Hotel on St. Charles Avenue. They are best known for their innovative take on classic cocktails and a stunning rooftop view. From the rooftop, you get a spectacular view of the Mississippi River and Downtown New Orleans. The walls full of curio will take you down a trip to New Orleans’ history. You will see amazing 1940s-inspired decor in the main seating area. The bar opens every day at 5 pm and stays open till 2 am on the weekends.

Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt

We have saved the best of New Orleans for the last. The Sazerac Bar gets its name from the city’s official drink. The history of the Sazerac drink dates back to the 1800s, attributed to the Creole apothecary Antoine Peychaud. Many people hail the Sazerac as the world’s first mixed drink. The Sazerac bar has a plush and elegant interior, which is reminiscent of the history of New Orleans. It has won awards by CNN and USA Today for the best bar in the United States. Eminent figures like Huey P. Long were regular visitors to this bar. An evening spent in the Sazerac Bar will be a memory of a lifetime for you.