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New Orleans Ductless AC Installation & Maintenance

Does your home lack the ductwork a traditional split central air conditioner or forced air heater would use to distribute conditioned air throughout the house? If so, you don’t have to stick with something like a window unit or space heaters. You can instead choose to use a ductless system in Greater New Orleans & Metro Area, LA.

While a ductless heating and air conditioning system is ideal for installation in existing properties, don’t equate that with a system that is simple to install. Like any other whole-house HVAC system, you are going to need professional ductless mini split installation services, along with routine maintenance and the occasional repairs. We’ve been making customers happy for decades—so let H & E Comfort Services handle your ductless system services.

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Ductless? Heating and Cooling? What’s Going On?

If you are unfamiliar with ductless mini split systems, or with heat pump technology in general, then you are probably a bit confused. The good news is that the system is actually fairly simple in theory. In fact, it shares a lot in common with more traditional systems, like a central AC. An outdoor unit is installed on the property, for instance, much like with a split central system or air–source heat pump.

Rather than use a central air handler and ductwork to distribute air throughout the house, though, a ductless mini split system uses wall–mounted blower units. Each is controlled independently of the others with its own thermostat, and connects to the outdoor unit via conduits containing power, refrigerant, and drainage lines. Like other heat pumps, the system can reverse the flow of refrigerant in order to cool and heat homes efficiently.

Let Us Install Your Ductless System

In order to successfully heat and cool your home with a ductless mini split in Greater New Orleans & Metro Area, LA, you need your system to be capable of handling your heating and cooling loads. We’ll make sure that your outdoor unit is powerful enough to accommodate the indoor units you’ll need. We’ll connect all system components properly so that the system functions as intended, and we’ll install the blowers in strategic areas throughout the house.

When the time comes to replace an old ductless system, remember that we can handle this project, too. By the time such a system is ready for replacement, you’ll probably be ready for a refresher course in terms of what options are available. It’s not as simple as saying “I’ll just take another one of those,” so be sure to let our HVAC technicians help you along the way.

H & E Comfort Services has been family owned and operated in the New Orleans area for over 6 years.  Our certified staff will stop at nothing to ensure your comfort.

Ductless Systems Do Require Maintenance and Repairs

There is a lot to recommend the ductless mini split. These systems are very convenient, allowing you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home with ease. Their use of the heat transfer process means that they heat homes with outstanding efficiency, and there is no risk of leaky ductwork. Even the best systems require repairs occasionally, however, and we’re here to get your system back on track when the need arises.

Of course, we are also here to help you keep such repair needs to a bare minimum. Routine ductless heating and air conditioning maintenance is a must if you are serious about keeping any problems with your system at bay as much as possible. We offer homeowners throughout the area access to a great maintenance plan, so contact us today to discuss your options.

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