Popular Places to Visit in New Orleans, Louisiana

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There is no dearth of activities or places to visit in the city of New Orleans. Whether one is looking to have a relaxing vacation or an unforgettable party, the city has a plethora of attractions like the Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street’s live music, and the National WWII Museum. The music scene in the city is unlike any other because it is widely known as the birthplace of jazz music. You can also savor the delectable food, which is unique to this region in its various restaurants. The options are endless.


Following are some of the most popular places to visit in New Orleans, LA.


Visit the National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is a must-visit attraction for history enthusiasts. It is located on the Magazine Street of the Warehouse District and stays open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. It was established in June 2000 to commemorate the 56th anniversary of D-Day. The museum houses award-winning exhibits which showcase the stories of those who served in World War II. Among the many highlights of the museum are the planes, jeeps, and Higgins Boats used in the wars, besides interactive exhibits and a gift shop with 1940s-inspired gifts. A unique aspect of the museum is the educational experience, which features oral recantations of the soldiers’ and civilians’ experiences from the D-Day, the bombing of Normandy, to the Holocaust. The museum also hosts a screening for movies like Beyond All Boundaries, which was narrated by Tom Hanks.


Spend time at the Jackson Square Park, NOLA

The Jackson Square Park, which was previously known as the Place d’Armes, is located in the French Quarter. The landmark has occupied an important place in the city’s history since the 1960s. The park offers excellent views of the surrounding historical buildings, like the St. Louis Cathedral, which is located at one end. It has played a major part in the city’s history. The site existed even in 1803, during the Louisiana Purchase, which marks Louisiana officially becoming a part of the U.S. territory.


Soak in the New Orleanian culture at Frenchmen Street

The Frenchmen Street is different from the French Quarter and the Bourbon Street in the sense that it offers an authentic experience of New Orleans. This area is far removed from the throngs of tourists and offers a lively music scene along with cheaper eateries, bars, nights clubs, and art galleries. The jazz clubs here are more laid-back and old-timey, which feature the best local music artists.


Enjoy a musical concert at Tipitina’s

Tipitina’s, which has existed in the city since the 1970s, is home to some of the best local and national musical artists. This music venue stands as a tribute to Professor “Fess” Longhair, an iconic musician who performed here regularly until his death in 1980. Tipitina’s offers music lovers a place to converge and draws in a diverse crowd ranging from travelers to students to aging hippies.

Appreciate art in Ogden Museum

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans houses one of the largest collections of artifacts. The museum is a must-visit attraction for art aficionados or tourists interested in seeing the work of New Orleans’ diverse artists. A unique feature of the museum is the educational program it offers, besides the acclaimed weekly music series, which is held every.


Take a relaxing stroll through the City Park

The City Park, which is located north of central New Orleans near Lake Pontchartrain, is one of the largest city parks in the country. The park offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city and features beautiful gardens, waterways, centuries-old oak trees and the famous New Orleans Museum of Art. Nature lovers can take a stroll through the Botanical Harden, which is spread across 12 acres, or sit back and enjoy the beautiful views it offers. The park also houses the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, which is a must-visit for the kids and families. There are a host of other activities in the City Park like bike rides and boating. It also houses recreational facilities like tennis courts, soccer fields, golf courses, and even two football stadiums.

Drink in the beautiful views at the Lakefront

The New Orleans Lakefront is one of the lesser-known spots of the city. It offers expansive views of the beautiful Lake Pontchartrain and also has many casual restaurants in the vicinity which offer fresh seafood. There are also guided tours of the area, which cover the historical significance of New Orleans and traces the cultural and industrial development the city underwent.


The Cabildo is located in the center of the French Quarter, near Jackson Square. The historical site, which was constructed in 1799, was the seat of the Spanish government when the city was under Spanish rule. Eventually, it served as the city hall and also the Supreme Court. In the present day, the Cabildo is home to the Louisiana State Museum, which traces the history of Louisiana through paintings from the Colonial era and Native American objects.