Highest Rated Restaurants in New Orleans


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One of the most distinctive regional cuisines in the United States belongs to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The culinary scene of the city is deeply inspired by the Creole and Cajun cuisines and also soul food. The city is constantly evolving to adopt new styles, flavors and cuisines, and then making it uniquely special. A dominant role in dishes of the city is played by the seafood because there is easy access to both saltwater and freshwater fish. Some of the dishes which were invented here include oysters, po’boy, pompano en papillote, muffuletta sandwiches, bananas Foster, and others.


It is a well-known fact that the people of the city have a love for food that is infectious. One can experience New Orleans’ rich culture through its dining culture. However, navigating through the many choices can often prove to be difficult. This list of the best restaurants in the city can make this process easier for you.


1. Brennan’s, Royal Street

Located on Royal Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, this restaurant is where the iconic dessert of the city, bananas Fosters, is known to have originated. The preparation of this dessert is more of a performance, which is finished off with a flambe with rum. One of the most unique features of the restaurant is the cocktails served with the breakfast. This can be best paired with barbequed lobster or the scrumptious Eggs Sardou. Other menu favorites include the Brandy Milk Punch, Seafood Gumbo, and Oysters J’aime.


2. Dooky Chase’s, Treme

This Treme restaurant was started in 1941 by chef Leah Chase, who is also known as the Queen of Creole Cuisine. This restaurant is known to have been the meeting spot for several leaders of the Civil Rights movement. The iconic eatery displays an impressive collection of African-American art. The food here consists of an impressive lunch buffet and some of the best Creole classics, besides the famous fried chicken. There is always some type of gumbo on the menu, and the restaurant also serves the famous gumbo z-herbes of special occasions. Dooky’s Chase is known to have been frequented by Martin Luther King Junior and Barack Obama.


3. Parkway Bakery & Tavern, Mid-City

This is a family-owned restaurant located in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans. Parkway Bakery & Tavern is most famous for its overstuffed po’boys, which have been a favorite among New Orleanians and tourists alike. Other popular items on the menu include shrimps, roast beef, Italian Caprese, and the unique smoked alligator sausage. The joint has also been featured in many shows and includes Barack Obama in its list of famous visitors.


4. Commander’s Palace, Garden District

This historic restaurant is located in the Garden District of NOLA, near the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. This fine-dining restaurant is well-known for its take on the Creole classics and its lunches featuring 25-cent martinis. The famous chefs who made the restaurant what it is today include Paul Prudhomme, Jaime Shannon, Emeril Lagasse, Tory McPhail, and now Meg Bickford. This hotel is designed like a Victorian-style mansion and features an exquisite menu that includes Turtle soup and the legendary bread pudding soufflé.


5. Willie Mae’s Scotch House, Treme

This is an iconic Treme restaurant that has been serving soul food since 1957. It garnered fame after winning the James Beard award for the best classic restaurant in the South. Willie Mae’s Scotch House has also earned the title of America’s best fried chicken spot by the Travel Channel, Food Network, and the likes. The restaurant uses a special wet batter recipe that makes the most scrumptious fried chicken you would ever taste.

6. Galatoire’s, Bourbon Street

Galatoire’s is an old-timey, refined restaurant located in the midst of Bourbon street. A unique trait of this restaurant is the waiters dressed in tuxedos, who have been working at the restaurant for decades. The clientele includes long-time regulars and many high society people. The restaurant is famous for many Creole classics like shrimp rémoulade, trout almondine, and Rockefeller oyster.


7. GW Fins, French Quarter

This fine-dining restaurant is on Bienville street, in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The menu of the restaurants has been designed meticulously by chef Tenney Flynn, who makes sure to use the freshest produce and the best catch of the day. Flavour is king at this establishment, which shines through in all of its dishes. Some of the constants on the menu include appetizers like New Orleans-style barbeque shrimp and lobster dumplings. The restaurant is also famous for its ‘Scalibut’, which is a crossover between halibut and scallops.