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AC Installation in Gretna, LA

H&E Comfort Services is your trusted heating & air conditioning professionals in AC Installation, Louisiana.

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Don’t let the sweltering Gretna summer interrupt your plans–consider H&E Comfort Services’ great-value AC installation or unit upgrades!

The Louisiana heat can be oppressive, which is why H&E Comfort Services is always on hand to provide your AC installation in Gretna, LA. We understand that when you need an air conditioner for your household, it’s more than just the convenience of cool air you’re after. With just the right air conditioner, everyone inside can be comfortable, no matter the season. 

Are you after an air conditioner for the energy efficiency features to save money on your energy bills in Gretna this summer? An indoor and outdoor unit combination can provide cooling relief to every room in your home. Why not let our team of technicians install your new unit right away and know you’re fully prepared for a Mississippi summertime?

Your Effective Air Conditioner Installation Solution for a Cooler Gretna Home

Are you wondering how to stay cool in Jefferson Parish this summer? H&E Comfort Services can provide the perfect AC unit to help you stand up to the heat. 

What type of air conditioner should you get for the most effective cooling capabilities? At H&E Comfort Services, the team is on hand to figure out the BTUs appropriate for your living space. Our specialist technicians would be happy to run through all the details to help you understand how to assess your home’s needs, find the right air conditioner, and explore the costs involved.

When you feel ready to explore a new AC installation in Gretna, LA, why wait for a comfortable, temperature-controlled home? With our Gretna professionals on hand, the perfect cooling system is just one call away.

The Many Benefits of Our AC Installation in Gretna, LA

When you finally decide to go ahead with your AC installation in Gretna, you’ll find there are numerous benefits to working with H&E Comfort Services. Here are some of the most prominent reasons the Gretna community keeps coming back to us for their HVAC needs:

  • We ensure that your air conditioner will last for years to come.
  • We focus on helping you maximize cooling efficiency.
  • We take care of the installation, repairs, and maintenance.
  • We offer top-notch ductwork services.

With a quick consultation, our Gretna team verifies that your home is suitable for ductwork or a ductless mini-split option, and how powerful of an air conditioner your space requires. If you’re going with a central cooling unit, be sure to ask our Gretna team about our competitively-priced ductwork, as well.

Your comfort is a priority to us. Why not get in touch with H&E Comfort Services to learn more about how we can help you with AC installation in Gretna, LA? Call us at 504-350-0715 today to schedule your consultation.

AC Installation FAQ

What would you like to know about AC system installation? There are a few frequently asked questions below, but we’re also happy to address all your concerns about AC repair, maintenance, and indoor quality. Read on for more about air conditioning installation or give our experts in Gretna a call!

Is It Easy To Install an Air Conditioner?

No, it isn’t easy to install an air conditioner, as these units are heavy, cumbersome, and a little complicated. They also require special tools and a working knowledge of electrical and climate control systems to install them properly. Professional HVAC installation is essential.

How Much Will an AC Installation Add to My Bill?

An AC installation costs between 6 and 88 cents an hour to run (for the average central air unit). Still, not all air conditioners function at the same rate. For example, a mobile air conditioner unit could lower your bill thanks to energy-efficient zone-based cooling.

What Makes Your AC Bill Higher After Installation?

Your AC bill may be higher after installation if the job wasn’t done right or the air conditioner you’ve selected doesn’t fit your space’s needs. Inefficiency can also be a symptom of an old air conditioner that doesn’t work properly or one that needs a filter change to streamline its cooling performance.

What Is the Best AC Temperature To Save Money After an Installation?

The best AC installation in Gretna, LA, is a unit that you can set to a perfect 78 degrees and save money. This temperature should keep your home out of the worst of the heat while avoiding trying to cool rooms that don’t need much.

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